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In early December, 2010 I cancelled by Mobility account due to several reasons; One if which was billing me an extra $2.00 for something called a Summary Paper Bill Fee. This charge was never agreed to and I resent Telus altering the terms of our contract without consultation.

After one half hour of trying to get through on the phone ("We are currently experiencing higher than usual cancelations") I finally got through to Telus's "Customer Retention" representative. (Makes one wonder why a good company would need a retention rep. if they were giving good service)I made it very clear that I was not going to pay this addtional fee and that I did not want further contact with Telus. Two days ago I received a bill for, you guessed it...$2.00, plus .24 HST.

C.R.T.C. here we go!

Product or Service Mentioned: Telus Communications Phone Service.

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Telus has been a cheating and lying company for years. I am still owed over $1000 from 7 yrs ago and still bills me for items I don't use. The best of the best is the frre telus text messages --- They bill you everytime!


*** straight! Bell and Fido apparently started this B.S.

I love how companies that want you to do something to save THEM money won't offer you a discount to do it. Not if they can just suddenly charge you more if you don't do it.

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