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I am forced to deal with telus mobility due to the fact that I need the coverage that they supply. I have and air card that I use for my work, I had a plan that I signed up for , it was 100 dollars a month anywhere in Canada and U.S.

After a while the plan became unavailable to new users, so in order to keep the plan I was on I continued to pay the 100 dollars a month even when I was not using my air card.

A few months back they just informed me that that plan was no longer available to me either! They decided to cancel it all together and forced me to take a different plan.

I was furious , I followed their rules and did not cancel my plan allowing me to grandfather , then...when they feel like it ... they changed the rules, Had I known they were able to do that I would not have continue to pay for it when I wasnt using it.

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I have a story and a half about this. After 3 years of toughing out a telus contract, they are trying to force me off my grandfathered unlimited 75. After a $134,000 bill and $127,000 bill where they took off the plan without telling me whatsoever, I went to the Media and the Office of the President suddenly reversed his position on not giving it back to me. He wouldn't give it back but he gave me something that did the same thing. I hate when they do that because what they give you is never the same as the good old stuff. I always comes with new legal liabilities that you will probably never learn of until it is in court and the fine print comes to light.

I really hate telus' approach and the other 2. The monopoly is insane. The price skyrocket in the past 3 years alone is staggering. The way they have their company structured it is like the client doesn't matter anymore and neither do contracts because all the "features" that are good like aren't included in the contracts so they can switch it anytime they want now whereas in the past they were part of "plans" and telus couldn't legally change the plans, but now apparently with a months notice, they can. Essentially, they will force you into their extreme profit motive and they are accelerating because they know the real competition is coming and their extreme profit rampaging may be at risk.

It is demoralizing. The only option I have now is to speak to a lawyer and talk to telus' privacy department and get written legal notes about some of the misleading conversation that caused me to be so confused about all this. I JUST WANT A PLAN I NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT. I'M TIRED OF HAVING MY HEART RACE BECAUSE OF BILLS THAT ARE $130,000.

It is hard for me to afford a good lawyer but they said it is possible to win but telus won't be very happy and may not service your account afterwards. At this point, I don't even care. I'm not getting anything worry-free anyway now.

If anyone else is in my position, we could ban together and pay for a joint lawyer and see what our options are because with client care messing around so much and being uneducated themselves, we need someone who can actually find the written stuff that really matters. What client care tells you doesn't matter. Its better never to talk to them. Telus should provide lawyers with their accounts as part of their "plans" and make sure that the lawyers are not a "feature" because then telus could take them away too when they finally go to sue you.


Oh that was sad. Good heavens I haven't ha any problems with Telus Cell Phones. Been using them for ages.

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That is almost exactly our situation. What did you do about it? Do you want to share strategies?

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