I just recently switched over from Shaw to Telus for internet and TV package due to all the tempting promotional packages and advertisements---and because Shaw had its problems.

It's been almost one week, and for the entire time, nothing works properly. Faster internet speed my ***, if you turn on the TV, it slows down by half, and the TV lags, so you can't do anything.

I call techinical support throughout the week and was put on the line with a bunch of retards, who has to "ask" someone why it wasn't working. Shouldn't he know? only to come back with the response that you can only have it on one at a time. THEN WHAT GOOD IS IT?

Furthermore, if you ask a second question, they put you through customer service, who not only did not help, but was extremely rude and nasty and made you feel even more *** for signing the Telus contract.

Now I'm stuck on a 3 year contract with them, and we haven't even finished the first week yet. All I find are more and more problems, and they still didn't even fix the first problem, which is making it work.

After this, I don't ever want to have ANYTHING to do with Telus ever again. I'm going to switch my landline companies as well.

The future is friendly---yeah after we finish making you feeling like ***.

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