Here is the letter I sent to Telus no one bothered to get back to me, as a result I'm emailing and placing complaints anywhere I can until i hear from some one over there. THEY SUCK!!!!!

From: Silvia Anesetti Subject: Extremely Dissatisfied customerTo: sustainability@telus.com, ir@telus.com, telus@computershare.comReceived: Thursday, September 3, 2009, 3:57 PM

Good Day:

I have been a loyal customer of Telus since 2000. Since then, I have purchased a number of phones. I may add that aside from my original Clearnet phone, one set has been worse than the next. In addition I purchased all of these phones out right and I paid full price for them.

Last week my Samsung phone started acting up and it's clear that a new phone will have to be purchased. Though my phone is still under manufacturer's warranty, I don't have the time nor the patience to wait indefinitely for a repair. Thankfully, I have never experience this but I have witnessed it first hand in the case of my husband (Leo Valenzuela 416-895-9225) and some of our friends. When I checked with your Telus rep they said it was a "data" problem it would have to go in for repairs.

The phone has duplicated all the contacts at least 4 or 5 times, the screen is fading, it rings when ever it feels like it, half of the calls I loose as the phone fails to ring. If I go from one screen to another, the phone hangs on one screen and I have to pull the battery in order for it to start working again. All these problems are appearing on a phone that's only 8 months old.

Last week when I went to your Vaughan Mills Store, in Maple, Ontario , I noticed that you had the Samsung Slyde M540 for $229, I also noticed that the same phone on a Pay and Talk package was $129.00. I verified the pricing on the net. Also I called several of your stores, and they are all out of stock of the pay and talk one but mysteriously the have the one for $229. I asked at the stores if I could get the $229 phone for $129 as it's not my issue if you advertise something that's not available at your stores. The Vaughan Mills store told me that they thought this could be done but I had to check with head office. When I went home I once again checked my account on line and I noticed that I had a $120 towards a phone.

The next morning spent a half an hour on the phone with Braney one of your customer service agents who verified that I could get this phone at any store for $129 minus my $120 credit. He assured me that the notes were on the file and I only had to proceed to the store to pick up my new phone.

When I went to your Woodbine Centre Store, in Toronto , your staff completely dismissed me saying that there was nothing on my offers page and that I had to call your head office. I spent the next hour and a half on the phone with various people.

The first person I spoke to said that he saw this information and also said that since I had been a customer for about 10 years that I was eligible for a brand new phone for free. After being on hold for a good 15 - 20 minutes he told me that I had a $120 credit, and that I could get the $229 for free, no problem if I went with a plan. However, I could only get the $229 phone, because after all I would only be paying $109. This is precisely what I was trying to avoid and this is why I made sure I called before I proceeded to the store.

I don't wish to pay $109 nor do I want to go on a plan because this is not what I was promised. I told this individual that if he couldn't help me to put me through to someone who could honour what is clearly stated on my file. I was put through to someone named Kim, right away started the phone call with attitude. I'm not a child nor do I wish to be treated as such by some minimum wage phone room worker. She started yelling and telling me that I was getting frustrated. My simple statement was: "I want the Samsung M540 for $129 as I was promised by Braney, if you cannot help me and you cannot honour that commitment then put me through to someone that can". She started yelling "SINCE YOU WANT TO CANCEL I WILL HAVE TO PUT YOU THROUGH TO SOMEONE ELSE IN THE CANCELLATION DEPARTMENT, YOU ARE THREATENING TO CANCEL SO I HAVE TO PUT YOU THROUGH TO SOMEONE ELSE. At no point did I state that I wanted to cancel anything, again I just wanted what I was promised. But let me make it clear when I say, every time I call your customer service, I do want to cancel as your customer service is deplorable.

After been placed on hold again for quite some time, I spoke to someone named Debbie, who once again, verified that Braney had said that I could get the phone for $129 and since I had a $120 credit towards a new phone I would only have to pay a minimal amount for the new phone along with any reactivation charges. She said she would have to put me on hold AGAIN as she had to figure out the "math" and see how Braney came up with that amount. I had to ask that she call me back on my cell as the store was closing and they were kicking me out. By the way, that was the only time that these people actually acknowledged me for the entire hour that I was there. They had no desire or interest in helping me. I'm not sure how you people train your staff but again, it's seriously lacking and quite appalling.

After waiting for another 15 to 20 minutes, she called merely to tell me what everyone else had already told me that since I was a Pay and Talk customer that there was nothing she could do unless I go on a contract. AGAIN, I was merely asking for what I was promised. I want the Samsung M540 for $129 minus my $120, or in the alternative I want to be able to buy the phone from one of your dealers, who miraculously all have this offer and I'll send the bill to you, to be reimbursed $120. I have never dealt with a company that make it their practice to put things in writing, confirming it and then renege their word.

I'm a supervisor in customer service for a chain of high end appliances. If either myself or anyone else promises something to our customers, whether wrong or not, or where a mistake was clearly made and further it is written in our notes, we always honour our commitments. I can only assume that because you are a large corporation you don't give a dam about your customers and further you could care less what is said or how your customers are handled because behind one disgruntled customer you have thousands of others that are equally upset but put up and shut up.

The future if far from friendly in your company contrary to what your slogan says.

I spent over 2 hours on the phone yesterday needlessly. I spent a considerable amount of time composing this email after I got home from your office, and I spent a good 20 minutes driving while I waited for Debbie's and while I spoke to her. God forbid I should into a mall or some other building; I will surely loose connectivity then I would have to start from scratch. In the end none of these people told me anything that I already didn't know, nor did they honour Braney's commitment. I was offered a plan that I don't want and out of the goodness of your hearts a price break on the new phone. None of these things are acceptable.

As I told Debbie yesterday, the reason why I shy away from a plan is because your customer service is terrible, 9 out of 10 times your reps are very confrontational and uncooperative, they never write any notes on the file and they never have anything to offer, I'm uncertain why you have this hierarchy - I can only assume it's to make people think that you actually care. In a nutshell, Telus is the lesser of the 3 evils.

Having said all of this, what I wish from you today is that you honour what was promised, otherwise, I can guaranty you that I will never purchase another hand set from you again, I will use my phone only for bare essentials until I find another carrier who can accommodate my needs and should I need a new phone such as now, I will be sure to purchase one not from your corporate stores, or franchises or dealers, but from a flea market. At least I'll be giving my money to Mr. Fleas as oppose to you.

I would like an answer to my complaint and I would like it in writing as I no longer trust Telus or any of your employees. Should I not get an answer via email or otherwise, in a reasonable amount of time I assure you that I will be submitting a formal complaint with the CRTC.

Thank you

Silvia b

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The best solution for you is to buy a phone from another carrier. Telus offers a one year manufacturers warranty.

They offer a loaner program for those who require a form of communication in the meantime of sending the phone out for repair. Client care has the ability to write notes about calls made. I know how unfortunate it feels to have someone promise you something and not write it down. Unfortunately the $129 price point is only for prepaid phones in NEW activations.

Since you have an account already, the $229 price is what it costs for the phone out right. They can offer you a $120 discount off of that price which is generous since the account you have is pay as you go. Telus does not make money off pay as you go. Features such as caller ID and voice mail are provided at no cost to pay as you go clients.

I hope you find a solution to your situation. I find people deal better with reason and respect on the phone so perhaps leave the wage and level of authority out of the converaation.


I know what ur saying they're tryin to screw me out of $4000.00 when in the standard contract it reads that if you cancel a contract you are liable for no more than $200.00 not to exceed $600.00 will anyone confirm this please


Actually yes I would do the same. Cell phone companies are responsible for the devices they sell for one year.

It can vary by device but I know for blackberries, Rogers looks after technical support, sales and repairs during the 1yr manufacturer warranty.

If you try calling RIM they will say to contact your provider. It's the same for a lot of other devices they handle too.


I hope you realize that TELUS does not manufacture the device - if your television broke would you call rogers (your cable company) and complain?

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