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In late 2007 I ordered an internet promotion from Telus. The web ad showed a picture of a choice between a computer with flat screen monitor or a notebook in return for a three- year contract. I have a computer with a regular monitor and decided to upgrade. I applied for the service. The service that I already had was cable internet month-to-month and was $5.00 cheaper, but the new computer with flat screen justified the extra expense and contract in my mind.

They sent the modem and months went by with no further communication with Telus. I went on holiday until mid-March and returned to an email sent to my Yahoo account, telling me that I had to go to the Telus website to confirm delivery address for the new computer. I tried and failed to access the page using the information sent. I called Telus and received assistance from one of their agents, Greg. While on the phone with Greg, we discovered that I had not been sent a username and temporary password from Telus to access my Telus email account and so had been unable to respond to any of the emails regarding the service sent to me by them. They had been corresponding with me at that email address for several months. He rectified the situation and credited me 3 months as I had been unable to use it the service.

We confirmed delivery of the promotional computer and I received it on April 1st. When I opened the box I discovered that the unit had come with a conventional monitor and on April 2nd sent the following email:

“I'm sorry Rebecca. There must be some mistake. I received the computer but it was supposed to be a flat screen monitor and they shipped a regular monitor.

Please tell me how to get the flat screen.

Thanks a lot.”

By April 8th I had not received a response to my question and sent the following email:

“I have not received an answer to this question that I sent to you on April 2nd. Is it maybe because that someone at Telus doesn't want to deal with it?

Please respond asap and include a copy of the promotional web ad that I responded to (with photos). I don't understand why I would contract to pay $5.00 per month MORE for telus internet (and a three year contract), as opposed to month to month cable internet when the promotional product supplied comes with an obsolete screen that I believe is not even manufactured anymore. That wouldn't be very smart, would it? I was under the impression that I had a choice between a notebook, or a computer with a flat screen.

I'm eagerly waiting to resolve this.”

That was the beginning of 6 weeks of total frustration. First “Ramona” responded the same day with this email:

Hello Cheryl

I apologize for the delay in responding to your April 2nd email, currently we have a high volume of emails and are slightly delayed in responding.

We can no longer send you the link for the offer that was online since it is now expired and has been removed from the website. Below you will find the specifications concerning the PC offer you requested. When the PC was ordered you have the choice of upgrading to flat screen monitor, the cost of the upgraded flat screen was $269.00 and it had to be ordered at the time of redemption.

Lenovo 3000 Desktop Computer

$5/month for 3 years Model only available with TELUS offer AMD Sempron 3400+ processor 512MB RAM 80 GB SATA hard drive Windows Vista Home Basic 17" CRT monitor, mouse, keyboard CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive 1 year manufacturer warranty Network Card (NIC) (not wireless) value $628

Optional upgrades to desktop

512MB RAM (total 1GB) - new $54.95 DVD-RW - $134 19" widescreen LCD monitor - $269.00

Later that day “Suzanne” responded:

Hello Cheryl,

I apologize for the confusion with the monitors. The way it was explained to you, is how it is for all of our customers who have ordered that promotion. The only time a client will receive a flat screen monitor, or any other upgrade, is if they make that request at the time they redeem the offer. They also have to pay the required cost associated with the upgrade as well.

Thank-you for your email inquiry.

Here was my response, also sent on April 8th:

Nothing was explained to me at any time. This entire exercise has been totally fraught with frustration. No one ever contacted me and in fact, were sending emails for me to a telus email address that I was not given a username and password for until last week. Check my file.

The online ad showed a computer with a flat screen monitor. That is why I switched from cable to Telus internet.

I feel that Telus has conned me into signing up for a more expensive internet service than the one I was already on, by showing the computer with a flat screen monitor. I would like this situation to be rectified please. I already have a computer with regular monitor and have no need for another.

Thank you

April 14th I had still received no response so sent the following:

I am still awaiting a response to this email that I sent on April 8. I feel that the customer service needs working on.

Thank you.

April 16th I received this response from “Elaine”:

“Thank you for your e-mail.

I have reviewed previous correspondence regarding this.

I'm sorry, but, the 17" CRT Monitor is what was advertised on our website (as follows):_____________________________Includes 17" E773 CRT monitor (not LCD flat screen),keyboard & optical mouse 1 year warranty with Dell Technical Support AMD Sempron 3400 + processor Windows XP Home Edition Microsoft Works 8 (does not include Microsoft Word) 80GB hard drive 512MB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz - 2DIMMs 16X DVD-ROM Drive Includes NIC (does not include dial-up internalmodem or wireless NIC) Retail price $529 (subject to change by Dell) BC & AB customers will need to enter a credit card #and AB customers will be charged a $22 ECO fee + GSTduring offer redemption on the _________________________________

We do not have any way whatsoever to get you the flatscreen monitor.

Firstly, to get the flatscreen monitor, customers were required to pay an additional $269 via their credit card at the time of redemption and, secondly, once the computer is ordered, there would be no way to revert back (to Dell or TELUS) in order to request the flatscreen after the fact. The promotion is now completely closed and Dell will not honor this request.

I'm sorry that you feel that TESUS' intent was to trick you into switching to TELUS for internet service. Our intent with this promotion (and all of our promotions) was certainly not to trick customers into switching from competitors to TELUS. The computer was a bonus gift for agreeing to a 3 year term on our High Speed Enhanced service.

I do not have access to a picture of the computer promotion ad as it expired long ago. However, if you require, I can check with the Marketing department who may have this information available to print so that I can send it to you via mail.”

My response the same day:


I did not receive a Dell computer. I received a Lenovo computer. And yes, I would like you to check with the Marketing Dept. I would like to see the web ad.

Thank you.”

Later the same day I received another stock response from “Jessica”. My response the same day:

It's very hard to believe that a communications company would have so much trouble communicating with someone.

I am not interested in going around and around with different agents sending me the same response.

Here is the latest one that I received:

"Hello Cheryl

My name is Jessica and I will be taking care of your request today.

We can no longer send you the link for the offer that was online since it is now expired and has been removed from the website. Below you will find the specifications concerning the PC offer you requested.

When the PC was ordered you have the choice of upgrading to flat screen monitor, the cost of the upgraded flat screen was $269.00 and it had to be ordered at the time of redemption.

Lenovo 3000 Desktop Computer

$5/month for 3 years Model only available with TELUS offer, etc, etc, etc



If you will read the text below, and my file, you will see that we are far beyond the stock response above.

I am now well beyond any patience that I had with this situation and expect a resolution by Monday, April 21st, or I will be filing a complaint with the CRTC over what I consider are deceptive businesspractises.

A phone call would probably be in order, or at least dealing with the same agent instead of multiple ones.

Maybe you should just tell me where to return the computer, monitor and modem and we can cancel the contract. This whole exercise has been filled with miscommunication and misrepresentation. I don't want to deal with incompetence anymore.

By April 22nd, I had still received no response from Telus so I sent an email asking where to return the computer and saying that I wanted to cancel the account. Received a response from “Janet” advising that she was forwarding my complaint to the Customer Loyalty and Retention department.

I spoke to 8 different agents via email over 3 weeks. I received a stock response from most and multiple responses from the same email! Not one followed up and one wasn’t even talking about the right make of computer that I received. I requested several times to deal with only one agent and was ignored.

I thought that finally I would be able to speak to the same person more than once and resolve the issue. On April 30th I called the 866 number that I had been given and spoke to “Farzana” in the Customer Loyalty and Retention department. After speaking for quite a while she promised to have someone from promotions call me and told me she would call me back asap to update me. She said it might take a while and asked for my patience.

By May 13th, I had still not heard from her and again called the 866 number. The person answering the phone would not connect me with Farzana, even though she was there. I asked for Farzana’s voicemail to leave her a message and was told that she didn’t have one. She said that Farzana had to receive permission to speak to me directly and would get that permission and call me back later in the day. Guess what? I didn’t get a call.

It’s beyond belief that a communications company would have such difficulty communicating with its customers. I am way, way past the point of attempting to resolve this issue with Telus and now only want an address of where to return the computer and modem and for them to cancel my internet account at no charge to me. Please help me.

Update: It is now June 15th. The computer is still sitting in a box in my living room. The CRTC can't help me with my complaint. I am now waiting for the results of a Better Business Bureau investigation, but we all know Telus doesn't care about that.

I guess I will be keeping the crappy computer and paying the extra $5.00 per month for the duration of the three year contract because I won't be paying to cancel it.

However, for the entire three years I will be telling absolutely everyone that I can speak to about this situation and Telus's response to it and the second the three years is up I will be cancelling not only the internet account, but also my landline and I will deal with ANYONE BUT TELUS.

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after reading your complaint, i feel so *** drained from reading your boring, exaggerated drawn out story! Couldnt you have just said " Telus' Customer service sucks and frauded me into "buying" a computer that looks different than the ad"? I vote for telus on this one because your *** story with too much detail made me really *** angry and tired, lol


Yea been there as well. lol I ordered the special bundle with a laptop from DEL. I got the Laptop and was over billed imeadiately. I called and they refused to change it saying the deal was only for one month. WHAT??????? I would never have agreed to pay over 100.00 a month for 3 years. Two weeks after getting the Laptop the hard drive crashed with a tone of pics and all my work info on it. I was head of security of a major company and lost all the client info as well as the report for an ongoing investigation I was working on. I WAS PISSED!!!

Dell would not even cominsate me and wanted the old hard drive back. when i told them I could not do that as there was convidential information on it they told me they would not send me the new drive. I had to fight for a week with them to send it. I next found a addition to my Telus bill for the amount of the Hard drive. WHAT???? since when can they bill you for a Dell part?

Telus and Dell are rip off artists and I would never deal with them again.


i just found this site and was really interested in what other people have to say about telus promotions. i have been waiting 2 months for a laptop and wireless router from them but have not received them as of yet.

i got my latest phonebill and am being charged for my supposedly up-grade (hahahaha) i too am very unhappy with telus service. they really *** me off.


yep me too the lenovo comp is *** and is NOT WORTH 500,these 2 companies defrauded us and lenovo got rid of all their old *** stock !!! telus is not taking any complaints soo i just said see ya !! soory to hear all this


I am amazed because here in Alberta I have NEVER heard back when sending Telus an email, to any department.


Thanks for these articles. I had cancelled my long distance and internet with Telus a few years back and switched to Shaw and Primus where I have been very happy.

Telus recently called with a 'special offer' for me of a Dell lap top computer and bundled internet and phone service if I signed a three year contract. I was going to do it because I had forgotten how crappy their service was and that they appear to have no ethics or customer service other then to get the almight $ out of you. Reading this brought back old memories.

Thanks, I will not be going back to Telus. Phew that was close!!

Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil #28030

i also had a similar experience with telus. i ordered 3 years internet so i could get the free 'gift' of a Lenovo computer which i thought would be a Dell.

the point was to have a computer for while i attended college. Seemed like a good idea except that i ordered it in september and recieved it in december. When it finally arrived it didn't work. Neither Telus or Lenovo wanted to deal with it and telus wouldn't take it back unless we paid the cost of it, $500.

We were finally able to send it to get fixed free of cost but that took until march since the parts needed to be shipped from mexico and or china. Ridiculous! Needless to say i never got it in time for school.

The computer has been sitting in a box in my bedroom since and I don't want it anymore but it's not easy to get rid of, nobody wants to buy a lenovo. Telus, get your **#@&* act together!

Grimsby, England, United Kingdom #25441

Been there, done it. Telus is close to the top of the Companies-From-*** list.

They have absolutely no concern for their customers and are only interested in reporting higher profits. I have been over-billed for 3 months now and they still have not dealt with their deliberate errors.


I am in complete sympathy with you regarding your problems with Telus. I am too exhausted from yet another unbelievably frustrating phone call with a Telus agent to describe my situation.

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