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Last night, I had the most unpleasant experience with Telus Customer Loyalty and Retention Rep. After some issues resulting from a hardware switch I was directed to the Customer L&R rep.

I tried to tell the rep my side of things the rep would continually talk over me.

If the rep had some common courtesy and patience, given time, I would have come around. Then the rep became sarcastic and made a joke. The rep asked if my phone was working ok and if I could hear her clearly because the rep felt like she was repeating herself.

This from a Loyalty and Retention rep!

I don't understand how a rep working in the L&R department can be driven to make a customer dislike Telus. The other reps were very patient and friendly. The L&R rep was the only one that was hostile, sarcastic, rude and unwilling to listen.

I have lost all desire to stay with Telus at the end of the call and this is direct result of conversation with Telus' Loyalty and Retention department representative. Go figure.

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I'm pretty appalled at Telus right now. I called their L&R department and spoke to a few reps. They were nice enough, but didn't offer me anything very substantial, and I know others were getting better. I got escalated, and talked to the worst rep I've ever dealt with. He said my 9 years with Telus won't be recognized because I transferred the line from my dad's account. He knew what I wanted, and knows that it's been offered but won't offer to me because he respects his coworkers and doesn't want to overturn their initial offer.

I asked them if it's luck of the draw. If I got a better offer the first time, he would just back that. He confirmed yes.

Pretty ridiculous.


As an update...I phoned back during the work week and tried the process again. I had to get mad at the rep.

I was told numerous times there was nothing they could do for me unless I got a new phone. I told the rep several times I don't want a new phone I just want to change my service plan slightly. After about the 4th or 5th time of having the rep tell me about the wonderful deal on new phones that they can give me I got very stern with him and said, "Your not listening to me! I don't need a new phone!

If you can't help me I'll cancel all together and go to a different company!" I was then transferred to manager or different department or something and that person had a totally different tone of voice. Kinda nice to deal with for a change. I was told that my situation was unique as I was still happy with my phone. After I explained my phone is better then anything they currently offer the rep understood further.

I also then asked about what perks I could get such as free caller id since I didn't need the price of a phone subsidized...I was only able to negotiate a 1 yr term (which is fine with me since I can reassess in a yr) that included free caller id. FINALLY!

What a pain in the ***....Still not happy with the runaround and BS I had to go through however I did basically get what I considered fair in the end. We'll see what happens in a year now when this one is up for renegotiation...


I just had the exact same ordeal. I phoned the normal customer service line to discuss my options for renewing my contract.

I was immediately told I had been a customer for 16yrs and he would transfer me to the "loyalty" department where they could assist me better. BS! When I asked the next person the same question I was told I needed to take out a 2-3 yr plan with new hardware to get a contract???? I explained that my current phone is better then any they currently offer and is unlocked for any carrier.

I asked if there was anything they could do for me since I wouldn't be needing a new phone. I was told absolutely not! The only thing they can do is get me new hardware???? Why????

I then got a little short and explained that my phone is good, there is no need for Telus to subsidize the price of a new phone and they should be able to do something such as throw caller ID in for free as a result. i was again told absolutely not! I then explained again that my phone is unlocked and I can go to any of the big 3 to negotiate but would rather stay with telus....the response. I guess we'll take that into consideration for future request, right now there is nothing Telus can do.....SERIUSIOSLY!!!

Some loyalty department.

I was going to up my plan to a slightly more expensive plan and all I wanted was caller ID for free....I am off contract in 2 weeks....Not sure if they'll retain me or not!!!! I too am a little PO'd....

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