Nov 23/10.. brought my blackberry into store as receptacle for charger had come loose and phone would not charge. the phone, texting, browser were all working fine just could not get charge as receptacle was loose. Clerk in store informed me I had 2nd year warranty coverage and that my phone looked well looked after. So unless there was "water damage" it should be covered. Had to pay $150 for loaner phone.

Today Jan 11/11 my phone was cut off because I owe them $150 but i stil dont have my phone and they have my $150?? no one at telus seems to make the distinction that they already have my money.

I was told phone would be back in 7-10 days. Then 3 weeks. Then I got a call saying it was ready dec 30. When I went to the store they couldnt find it. Then one employee tracked it and found out that it had been shipped back to the store on dec 15/10. Even though i had paid the $85 to fix it because....you guessed it.."physical damage"???? I paid for it in november within the quoted 5 days, in cash!

So tonight driving the usual half hour drive home that turned into an hour because of heavy snowfall...telus cut my phone off at midnight as I was stranded sending my girlfriend into a panic because she had just talked to me and now i was unreachable.

All this is after numerous calls to the call centre over the past month and a half and getting nowhere with customer "lack of" care.

They even had the gall to ask me "well when do you think you will get your phone back? So you can pay us." As you can imagine, my response was "you tell me...please!"

Absolutely fed-up!

Review about: Telus Communications Customer Care.

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