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Not happy with Telus Mobility. Not a happy customer! Be aware of Telus Mobilty. telus Mobilty is unfair to their customers, read below!

This is the second time (first time happened in Calgary about 9 years ago)Telus Mobility has had very unorganized customer service & now they are not honouring what they said they would do for me 1 year prior. No good Telus Mobility!

Basically, Telus Mobility said they would waive any fees related to my account because I called in to cancel one year ago....they said "oh please don't cancel, just keep the phone active". I said okay but I don't want to pay anything, they said okay we will waive all fees.

Now here is my story. I have had this account for about 4 1/2 years now. I am not in an contract with them. I completed a 3 year contract. I called in to cancel the account about 1 year ago (according to their records) I said just cancel the account please. The said they would waive the fee to keep me as a client.

So I get a call today, 1 year later. Telus is telling me that the account is in suspension. I said so, I wanted to cancel it. Telus said I owe $123. I said why, Telus said, because of the $1/month & $7.95 system access fee. Just Now! Wow!.... To make things worse, I have spoken to 6 people from Telus (no exaggeration) because they need to first take it off vacation disconnect, then another person directs me to the wrong department, then I have to go to the cancellation department. Then I have to go to client care. Then I get disconnected, that's right I just got disconnected. I'm not making this stuff up folks. Telus is unorganized.

Here is why I think this is wrong. I am not in a contract. Telus has a record that I tried to cancel the account 1 year ago. I have not even used the account since that phone call. Telus is still saying they need me to pay for the account. I have asked twice for a supervisor, Telus said they were going to get one, but another girl came on the line. No Supervisor.

Telus keeps asking, what do you want to do? I said well, you called me today so I'm returning your call. Just fix it! If you need to cancel the phone, then cancel it, but I shouldn't have to pay this unfair amount.

It would be different if I was in a contract & that I racked up the bill due to usage, but I haven't. So Telus thinks that I should still have to pay!! What do you think guys?

I will probably still end up paying the fee to avoid any credit issues (Telus making unfair reports to the credit bureaus) However, until today I was going to call them back when I wanted this account. Not now. you know bad news travels faster then good! Telus should really have people in place to fix a few customer services situations. My business does!

I will never do business with Telus again, and I advise for anyone who is thinking about it, to not do business with Telus Mobility. They are very, very unorganized. Their people don't have a way to communicate with each other.

Well, I have said my bit. Please make your own decision, now my time is worth more than $123/hour so I will likely just pay the money & have a lesson learned! Respect your time!

Very unhappy with Telus Mobility! Telus Mobility sucks! Telus Mobility is wrong! telus Mobility has company problems! telus Mobility has customer relation issues. Don`t do business with Telus Mobility! Be careful Telus Mobility! Telus Mobility wrongful to customer!

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Agree completely. Sick and tired of getting scammed by big business, Telus in particular. They are deceptive and misleading.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #594816

I just tried to have my cell phone bill seperated from my ex"s and was told I have to get his PERMISSION. In this day and age you are still saying that we are under the control of someone else and need their permission to anything.

Your company needs to do an overhaul on their archaic policies!

I am sure that I am not the only one in this position, divorce happens. For all of us who have been told that we are second class and need permission to take on our own lives, please step up to the plate and get into the 21st century.

to Anonymous #1101083

LOL... Go to the bank and ask them to remove your name from your ex account...

you'll receive the same answer!

If you didnt have permision, its not the fault of the compagny! We call that P.O.L.I.C.Y.


I totally agree with these comments. I had gone with telus and signed a 3 year contract because at the time I could put the cell on vacation mode while I was away.

Last spring when I came back I found an additional $35.00 fee on my bill. When phoning and asking them they told me they were now going to charge for putting a phone on vacation or suspension. I complained and they waived the fee for the short time but when I tried to put it on vacation now they told me they no longer have this service but they could do me a big favor and charge me 15.00 a month to suspend it. I said, cancell my phone then as my contract is up in 21 days.

Also, would you please tell me what my pay out is? They said they would check it and get back to me. I never heard back and I phoned again and the girl I talked to said she couldn't help me but would send an e-mail to Sabrina who was supposed to phone me back with the end billing amount. No call, e-mail or anything and am still waiting.

After spending 2 days on the phone and being cut off and having to call back several times I still don't have my last payout and confirmation they have cancelled my contract. (that was really only a one-way contract as far as telus is concerned!

They apparently can change your rates and conditions at any time but we are locked into these contracts! WTF?????


Pissed is right. :(

They canceled even tho I had over $110 in the account. Had to re-activate it with anew card and then they charged me extra for re-activating anfd refused to return the $110+/- because card had run out even tho I had a credit.


Now at ROGERS :)


Can you please advise me before making a decision?

Here is my story. I travel a lot in my small business and wanted a mobile plan that includes Roaming since I do need to use my phone when I am in Canada or US.

Telus is the only one that provides a business plan with a 250 min of North American roaming. From my past experience with them 7 years ago, I had been over billed every month and was happy to pay a $200 penalty and cancel my contract and go with Fido instead. I had lost my trust in Telus billing system ever since and have had no interest going with them. Now that they are the only ones who do offer roaming, I have no choice, but I am very scared of signing a 3 year term with them as I am almost certain they will try to hit me somehow with some sort of additional charges, minutes, data….

My question is: are they still the same thieves or had they changed? The guy who works there told me few years ago they were not very good but now they have improved their billing system… how do you find your billing with them? Do you get over charged?

Do you find them trying to rob you (like they did to me in the past) or do you find their billing to be fair? Please let me know

Thank you

to sawssen Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada #641034

get out of telus asap they change contracts at their discretion



Get in touch with the CRTC they monitor telephone service in Canada. This company doesn't give a *** and I am so fed-up with the poor service from Telus both in business and at home.

They are too cheap to get rid of their *** call centres and that's what happened to AT&T, US tel company that relied too heavily on call centres that are too far removed from the company that the people in the call centres don't even know who runs the company they are supposedly working for and guess what then AT&T's stocks plummeted - wonder why. They hit my wallet - they won't be in business too long.


If you think Mobility is bad, you should be unfortunate enough to have a land line with them and try to speak to their completely illogical and *** customer service department whose English language, or even human language skills are almost non-existent.

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