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The reality of the telecommunications game is that it is entirely stacked in favour of the corporation. The worst offender by far is Telus Communications.

To describe Telus as hostile, parasitic, predatory, fraudulent, coercive and borderline criminal would be not only putting it mildly but a gross understatement.

The system of payments as detailed through Telebanking and through payment at the financial institution you deal with is where the fraud begins, and when one examines the actions of Telus that is what they are doing, fraudulently billing amounts of money not owed and charging interest not only not owed but charging interest on monies not owed. Once your payment is made through telebanking or in person at the bank there is less than 48 hours elapsed before Telus receives its funds through the bank it deals with, the Royal Bank. At this point, once Telus has the funds the Royal bank sometimes takes 3 to 10 days additionally to apply the funds to your account. Any questions raised aboout the whereabouts of your money and Telus simply points its finger at your bank as the party responsible for the delay. Then,as a result you the customer is not given the benefit of interest paid and owed on your money in addition you are then charged interest and fees on your outstanding balance. The reality is that few people know about this manipulation and Telus has been running this policy for years. It has made Telus millions and millions of dollars, defrauded from its customers.

More dangerously and to the detriment of its customers safety and financial security Telus has sold all your personal information to call centers in the Philippines. Every time you call directory assistance or customer service with Telus you are directed, 97 percent of the times called, to a foreign call center where non- Canadians have access to all of your personal information including all your banking information and your address. In recent months and years since this outsourcing has taken place hundreds of Telus customers have had their bank accounts and credit cards looted by employees of these foreign call centers. This is done with virtual impunity as none of the Canadian laws regarding theft, fraud and the theft of personal information applies to foreign Telus workers. The senior corporate echelons of Telus are well aware of the criminal acts committed against its customers as a result of its outsourcing and negligence but have taken a "hush-hush" "don't ask don't tell" policy. The numbers reflect that thousands of Telus customers have been defrauded with no recourse against Telus.

Customer service does not exist at Telus. The customer will repeatedly ask to speak to a manager or supervisor and will be told that requires the logging of an "escalation request" and that a manager or supervisor will return a call to you within 1 to 3 days. The reality is that it may take up to 14 days to have a Telus supervisor return a call. Once you are contacted many of the details surrounding your lack of service are not logged on to your account history so that when, as you frequently will time and time again, encounter the same problem, your ability to illustrate the long history of repeating of the same issue other words the operator simply says "well, we have no history of that problem listed on your account". This same procedure and tactics is employed by Telus when you apply for a credit for calls not made and services they billed you for that you have not received. The customer service agent will claim to be applying the credit but weeks later when you get the next bill the credit will not be there and when you call the customer service department again they frequently claim that there was no credit and you never called in the first place.

The reality of doing business is found in the contracts that customers find themselves signing and then locked into for up to three years. Once in these contracts the customer finds themselves in a situation of being very badly cheated, ripped off and having no redress for the complete lack of service. Then when the customer complains Telus simply threatens the good credit rating of the customer by saying pay us for what you do not owe and if you refuse will will list you as a delinquent account.

In short the service at Telus has gotten worse and worse. The Telus corporation has now embarked on one of the most grievous acts of censorship possible. When a website appears that is highly critical of the fraudulent and negligent actions of Telus, the Internet ip address of that website is placed on a "no show" list. This means that when you try to access it or do a Google search using Telus as your ISP the website will not be listed. This is Big Brother in action and is commonplace at Telus daily.

In short, your best interests are not served by Telus. They routinely place your safety in danger by selling your personal information. Telus has covered up and continues to cover up the thousands of customers harmed by its negligence.

Do not do business with Telus. It is something you will regret. Once in a contract with this company you will find yourself being overcharged, ripped off and given no service whatsoever. But it will be too late, you will have signed a contract and will be pinned into a corner. Avoid Telus Communications at all costs.

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How I wish your warning was posted before 2004 when I was alleged signing a contract that was to be used by someone else. 11 years later, I am still unable to fight off an unpaid account that is under my name with a billing address other than mine.

This questionable account is in the hands of collection agency called ABV and shown on my credit report.

Why TLUS is still in business????

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